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Some say print is dead, but really it is not. Print will always be around and always be an inspiration to all designers. With the push of internet graphics print has been evolving with the new web trends. More and more print design is starting to get more like web in it's simplicity and creative use of negative white space.

Not only is this website about print design it is also about web design.

In the Beginning
Since the advent of the printing press in the 15th century, mankind has been obsessed with print. From religion to business, print has been an important element of European culture as a whole, which, through centuries of imperialism, has spread to the rest of the world. And yet, with modern computing and the internet, there are many who would enjoy nothing more than the complete elimination of print design. However, while it may be repressed, it is unlikely that the world will ever see print become entirely obsolete.

In the early days of print, printing presses were largely used for the widespread distribution of books and religious texts. However, it wasn't until the 19th century when print became a commercially viable advertising method. During this time period, color print was invented and slowly popularized, opening a range of opportunities. Additionally, this is around when newspaper publications started becoming more commonplace, and much wider audiences were being reached by printed media. These two factors combined into what we now see in every newspaper: advertisements.

Additionally of note, the 19th century also saw widespread popularity of political cartoons. These cartoons, taking up sides in debates much like their modern counterparts, represented an easy to understand method of communicating political points to the masses. They soon became instrumental in all political processes, with the more well-known and -drawn having massive influence.